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    The 2017 National Scout Jamboree will be held from July 19 to July 28, 2017.


    In 2009, the BSA purchased 10,600 acres of property adjacent to West Virginia’s New River Gorge National River area in order to create the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve. The Summit is the new home of achievement, adventure, and innovation in Scouting. With world-class facilities and a focus on outdoor action sports, the Summit welcomed Scouts to a whole new jamboree experience in summer 2013. 2017 is the next national jamboree!


    The excitement of the jamboree isn’t limited to Scouts. The Summit features a large visitor area, where day-users can try out some of the activities that the Scouts are doing around other parts of the Summit. Whitewater rafting and kayaking, rock climbing and bouldering, and mountain biking are just a few of the activities offered at the Summit. There’s also skateboarding, BMX, shooting sports, and zip-line challenge courses. And that’s just the beginning.

    We want you to join us in experiencing the 2017 National Jamboree!  Boy Scouts are welcome to join us on this great adventure. The fee for Scouts to participate in 2017 is estimated at $2,800.

    A non-refundable reservation fee of $300 must accompany your application.  There are regular minimum payment deadlines that must be met with the balance due on or before March 1, 2017.  You may make payments ahead of time and pay as much as you like---even in full.  

    The Overland Trails Council Jamboree contingent will leave Grand Island around July 14, 2017 and fly to Washington, D.C.  We will visit such places as Arlington Cemetery, the Capitol, various monuments, the Smithsonian Institute, Gettysburg, Colonial Williamsburg and many other sites.

    The Jamboree is open to all who are qualified on a first come first serve basis. (A Scout who has completed the 6th grade, or will be at least 12 years old and a 1st Class Scout by July 1, 2017, but not have reached his 18th birthday by Aug. 1, 2017 and lives and abides by the Scout Oath and Law and the jamboree code of conduct may participate in the Jamboree).  After our troop has been filled, a standby list of alternates will be established. Scouts will be become part of a Jamboree troop consisting of 36 Scouts and 4 adult leaders. Each Scout will be a member of a patrol within the troop. Every contingent member will be required to attend regular troop meetings, submit a completed National Jamboree Medical form signed by a licensed physician and indicating compliance with specified immunizations, attend a contingent gathering and a 3 day training encampment.

    The jamboree fee covers transportation, tours, and admission fees. meals, lodging, insurance and most patrol and troop equipment.  The fee also covers the mandatory council contingent training encampment. There are additional expenses that include uniforms and personal gear, spending money, memorabilia items, prejamboree troop activities and possibly additional troop expenses including building projects, copying and postage.

    Please note these important items: 

    All participants will have to sign and agree to live by a Jamboree code of conduct in order to be accepted into the contingent. 

    The airline portion of the fee is an estimate.  If the airfare is higher than our estimate there many be a fee increase at that time.  We will do our best to stay within our estimate, but airfares are out of our control.

    For more information click hereExternal Link.


    Click here for Camporee Guide!



    Location:  Camp Augustine, 2299 Camp Augustine Road, Doniphan, NE

    A Field Trip to Crane Trust is planned on Saturday, 9325 S Alda Road, Alda, NE



    $20.00 per Scout        $20.00 per adult

    Early Bird Registration is due by March 1, 2017



    $25.00 per Scout        $25.00 per adult

    No registrations accepted after March 17, 2017


    Registration can be completed online.

    Cost includes unit participation ribbon, event patch, camporee supplies, Saturday lunch menu food items, and evening meal and insurance.

     Who: Registered Boy Scout or Venture Crew Members.  Because of the limited space for some of our program areas, Troops are discouraged from inviting Webelos.  This Camporee is limited to 100 Scouts on a first come, first serve basis.

     Leadership:  Two adult leaders must arrive with their unit and be on site at all times.

     Check In:  Friday evening 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Camp Augustine Visitor’s Center.  Upon arrival your Senior

    Patrol Leader will need to bring the following to the registration area;

    • A copy of your Troop Roster with names of all participants attached
    • Unit Tour Plan
    • Unit Medical Forms
    • Saturday Lunch Menu


    Checkout: When a troop is ready to check-out on Sunday, the Senior Patrol Leader should coordinate with the Camporee Staff to have your area inspected prior to departure. If you unit will be departing before Sunday morning please inform Camporee staff at check-in.

    Medical Forms & Emergency Contacts:  Please make sure you bring an updated medical form and emergency contact number for each Scout.  Annual Health and Medical Record forms are available online at  Scouts may be working with Honey Bees (dependent on spring weather conditions) please make us aware of any allergies to bee stings.

    Tour Plans:  Please remember that all units need to file a tour plan with the council at least two weeks in advance of the Camporee.  Please include the field trip from Camp Augustine to Crane Trust (9325 S Alda Rd, Wood River, NE 68883, I-80 Exit 305) on Saturday. Forms can be found at

    Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center: Units will be responsible for transporting their Scouts to and from

    Crane Trust.

    Uniforms:  Scouts and Scouters are REQUIRED to wear their Class A uniforms during their field trip to Crane

    Trust on Saturday.

    Meals:  Units will be responsible for preparing their own breakfasts and lunches on Saturday & Sunday (4 meals), however the food items for Saturday lunch will be furnished and given to each unit during check in on Friday evening. The “Food Items” list can found at the end of this Camporee guide. Don’t forget to plan your menu from these items and have a copy of your menu during check-in.

    The Saturday evening meal will be furnished.

    Campsites:  Campsite assignments will be made when you sign in at the Camporee Friday night. Please remind all persons attending the camporee that campsites are your home for the weekend. No one is to enter another campsite without being invited by someone in that campsite. Please also remember we are only borrowing this land for the weekend. All sites will be inspected before you leave the camporee.  Leave No Trace!

    Parking:  After campsite set up Friday night all vehicles will be required to be parked in the designated area.

    Water: Water is available at the camp ground.

    Fire:  Fires are only allowed in fire pits.  Firewood will be available.  Please bring your own firewood or better yet use camp stoves.  As always, please remember to apply the OUTDOOR CODE while camping:


    Be clean in my outdoor manners.

    Be careful with fire.

    Be considerate of outdoors and

    To be conservation-minded.

    Sanitation:  Port-a-Potties will be available.  Please do your best to keep them clean and in working order.

    Trash:  Please bag all of your trash and police your campsite.  All trash may be taken to the dumpster located at the Dining Hall.

    Safety:  Normal safety precautions should be taken.  No throwing of rocks or other objects, no sheath knifes or machetes, no liquid fuel or open flames in tents, no unattended fires, etc.  All injuries should be referred immediately to the First Aid Station.

    First Aid:  Troops are responsible for initial first aid for their Scouts. If the injury requires more than a band aid, bring the Scout to the first aid station immediately.

    Campfire:  Campfire will be held Saturday night. Troops and patrols are STRONGLY encouraged to attend the campfire program.  President Gover of the Pawnee Nation will talk about the Pawnee in Nebraska.  A dedication ceremony of the Pawnee Nation’s Flag will be made to Camp Augustine.

    Cracker Barrel:  One adult and youth leader (SPL or Crew President) must attend Friday evenings Cracker


    Clothing:  March can bring both extremes of weather to the plains, please be prepared for both warm and cold temperatures.  Remember layering is the best way to regulate body temperature during physical activity and weather changes.  Don’t forget head covering and mittens/gloves.

    Footwear:  Please wear comfortable boots, sneakers or shoes. No bare feet or open-toed sandals!

    Additional Gear Needed for Weekend (At least one per patrol):

    • Binoculars
    • Field Guides (especially a good Bird Guide)
    • Notebook and Pencil
    • Camera
    • GPS or Phone with a GPS App


    Weekend Schedule

    (Subject to Change)


    Friday, March 24, 2017

    5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    Check – In (no camp entry prior to 5:00 pm)

    8:00 pm

    Welcome to kits’ katus

    9:00 pm

    Cracker Barrel (for SPL and SM)

    11:00 pm

    Lights Out – quiet please

    Saturday, March 25, 2017

    7:00 am


    7:00 am – 8:00 am

    Breakfast & Late Check – In

    8:15 am – 8:30 am

    Morning Assembly and flag Ceremony

    8:30 am – 11:45 am

    Activities & Field Trip

    11:45 am – 1:15 pm


    1:15 pm – 4:15 pm

    Activities continued

    4:15 pm – 5:30 pm

    Unit Preparation Time for Dinner Presentations

    5:30 pm – 7:00 pm


    7:15 pm


    11:00 pm

    Lights out – quiet please

    Sunday, March 26, 2017

    7:30 am


    7:30 am – 8:30 am

    Breakfast and Clean up

    8:30 am

    Scouts Own Service

    9:00 am – 12:00 pm


    12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


    1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

    Closing Announcements/ Break camp and Check-out


    Camporee Updates:  Please check the Overland Trails Council Website often for updates on the Camporee.

    Additional Information or Questions:

    Dave Scoggins – 308 370-1197, [Click for member's page]

    Art Kolbet – 402 469-8861,  [Click for member's page]

    Angie Jones – 308 398-1904,  [Click for member's page]

    Kendrick Clay – Staff Advisor 308 382-3717,  [Click for member's page]

    Saturday Lunch Food Items Provided: The following list of food items and quantities will be given to each

    8 – Person Scout Patrol during check-in on Friday evening.

    • 8 – Potatoes
    • 8 – Sweet Potatoes
    • 1 lb. – Carrots
    • 1 – Leek
    • 4 Cups – Dried White Beans


    Food List-

    Here are some recipes you can try or you may create a recipe of your own.  Recipes may not include foods that must have a pollinator to produce fruit or vegetable, or would be part of the food chain.  This basically eliminates most foods including meat except for fish.  However some basics could be used.  Like onion, vegetable broth (bullion or stock), or horseradish. You may bring the following extra vegetables to supplement your meal….kale, swiss chard, brussel sprouts, or cabbage (these also do not need pollinators) External Link External Link External Link Link

    (the last two do have tomatoes which are an iffy on the pollinator list)


    *****Most importantly, we realize you could cheat and do whatever you wanted to do, but we are really trying to make this an authentic learning experience and rely on you and your troop to help carry out those intentions. And also noted there are many opinions of what requires pollination and what does not…we are going with a minimalist mindset.


    Looking for HIGH ADVENTURE?

    The Pine Ridge Trek Camp is a high adventure trek offered by the Overland Trails Council. It is designed to give participants an unforgettable experience at a reasonable price.

    The week will include:

    • Backpacking in the Nebraska National Forest wilderness
    • Hiking at least 50 miles
    • Camping along the trail
    • Personal development
    • Team building
    • Leadership development
    • Exploring the history of Fort Robinson


    • Must be at least 14 by the start of the trip
    • Must have earned 1st Class Rank or higher
    • Must have First Aid merit badge





    Camp Augustine

    April 8, 2017

    9:00 am - 12:00 pm

    Whispering Cedars

    May 6, 2017

    9:00 am - 12:00 pm


    Training Summary

    Proper maintenance, personal protective equipment, and correct technique are critical components of safe chain saw operation. Council properties rely on chain saws to help clear trails, remove deadfalls, clear timber, and stockpile wood for campfires and heating buildings. This training outline provides local councils with the resources to train chain saw operators on council property.

    National camp standards require that chain saw operators be at least 18 years old and meet one of the following requirements:

    1. Be a professional forester.
    2. Be a certified arborist.
    3. Have received training in chain saw techniques from a Ranger section of National Camping School.
    4. Have written documentation of having other training in these techniques that is recognized by the state or federal government.
    5. Have successfully completed BSA Chain Saw Safety Training course, No. 20-136. (Successful completion of this training program achieves this goal.)

    Learning Objectives

    At the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

    • Identify daily, weekly, and monthly required chain saw maintenance items.
    • Properly use personal protective safety equipment and clothing.
    • Start and operate a chain saw.
    • Understand felling, limbing, and bucking procedures.

    The course is free, but please sign up at the right.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Good Turn?

    A service project is a special Good Turn that puts Scout spirit into action.

    —The Boy Scout Handbook, 12th Edition, page 84

    As stated in the Boy Scout Handbook, some Good Turns are big—saving a life, helping out after floods or other disasters, recycling community trash, or working with others on conservation projects. But Good Turns are often small, thoughtful acts—helping a child cross a busy street, going to the store for an elderly neighbor, cutting back brush that is blocking a sign, doing something special for a brother or sister, or welcoming a new student to your school. Youth and volunteers are looking for ways to serve their communities. At the same time, service organizations need dedicated volunteer help. By working together, we can improve our young people, our communities, and the nation.

    How does a Journey to Excellence service project benefit the community?

    Meeting the substantial needs of every community is dependent on its citizens to answer the call of volunteerism. There is a natural fit between the Boy Scouts of America and other community organizations, and service learning is an integral part of the Scouting program. As a result, youth and adults seek opportunities to volunteer, and community organizations need volunteers to help them fulfill their missions. Working with these organizations creates a win/win situation for everyone.

    Do volunteers have to be a member of the Boy Scouts of America to participate in the service project?

    No. In order to fight hunger, provide shelter, and teach the habits of healthy living, we need the assistance of everyone in the community.

    How is this different from Scouting for Food?

    Scouting for Food is a once-a-year effort focusing on one area of need. Good Journey to Excellence service projects should be conducted year-round.

    Will the Supply Group sell recognition items?

    No. Councils will need to design their own recognition items if they choose to offer them.

    How can a council log service hours for multiple units?

    The council can do one of two things: 1) the council can set up an OA Lodge log in (if one isn’t already set up) to use as a “dumping ground” for service hours added by council/district staff and 2) most councils have a troop and/or crew set up to register summer camp staff who aren’t Scouts, e.g. cooks, chaplain, etc. The council can use these units as a “dumping ground” for council staff to add hours. Detailed instructions for the OA lodge log in are below:

    How does an Order of the Arrow lodge record their service hours?

    Each local council has an OA lodge ID that can be used to log Order of the Arrow service hours. Anyone from the lodge can create an account and record hours with that lodge ID. All OA units are "Lodge" unit type. The unit number is a 1, 2 or 3 digit number that matches the council number. Council 1 OA unit number is 1, council 212 OA number is 212. If the council has units with the same number as the council number, that is not a problem because the unit ID will help the computer differentiate between the various accounts. Follow the same instructions for units recording their service hours.

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Proper maintenance, personal protective equipment, and correct technique are critical components of safe chain saw operation. Council properties rely on chain saws to help clear trails, remove deadfalls, clear timber, and stockpile wood for campfires and heating buildings. This training outline provides local councils with the resources to train chain saw operators on council property.

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