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Your Journey to Excellence Starts with Your Ideal Year of Scouting (IYOS)
The units that plan, promote and execute their Ideal Year of Scouting, offer unparalleled experiences for more youth, and are recognized in the Journey to Excellence program.

What is an Ideal Year of Scouting? It's a method of planning, for your unit to do all the Scouting programs and activities you would like to do, with little or no cost to your families. The Ideal Year of Scouting Planning Guides are an important tool in this planning process and it helps unit leaders develop their plan for delivering a quality Scouting program to the youth in the Overland Trails Council.

What are the components of the Ideal Year of Scouting Process? What's in it for your Unit? Click on the "Read more" to learn how planning your ideal year, can help your leaders and Scouts, stay in Scouting.

Journey to Excellence Recognition Program
TheJourney to Excellence (JTE)External Link is a tool used to measure the quality of the Scouting program in our Council. A unit that plans their Ideal Year of Scouting, based on goals and standards set forth in the Journey to Excellence program can be confident they're delivering a quality program, supported by a healthy unit with trained leaders.

Keys to JTE

  • The JTE is a set of criteria, or a checklist, that your unit uses to plan the Ideal Year of Scouting.
  • As leaders in theOverland Trails Council it is important to promote IYOS as a plan which assists all units in achieving their JTE goals.
  • The JTE is tested and it works - keeping kids in Scouting longer, thus keeping parents involved longer, which means less work for you!
  • Using this planning mechanism, the unit will save money, so they don't have to ask the parents for it! The less money that parents have to spend out of their pocket, the better.

How to stay on the Journey to Excellence

  • We all need to live and breathe the JTE. It makes Scouting stronger.
  • Every time we are working on a Scouting project, activity, meeting, etc. we need to think back about how it relates to the JTE.
  • This is important. We want you on board and we want you to be dedicated to The Journey as much as we are. You are an essential part of the council and can help us have the strongest Scouting program ever!

More About JTE

  • The Ideal Year of Scouting will frequently be mentioned alongside The Journey to ExcellenceExternal Link, and this is why: the Ideal Year of Scouting is the method to achieve the goal. The Ideal Year of Scouting is planning and The Journey to Excellence is implementing.

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