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Website User Manual

The user manual linked above has instructions for doing anything related to registration on our website.

Register as a unit for Webelos and Cub Scout Resident camps

It is strongly recommended that Packs register and pay as a unit for both Webelos and Cub Scout Resident Camps. This is the way our new registration system is designed. This allows you or future unit leaders to log in at any time after the event to retrieve attendance and advancement reports from the events. It also allows us to assign campsites by unit. It also guarantees that your unit will share a campsite. If everyone registers individually, the sheer numbers of individual registrants will make it almost impossible to correctly assign campsites.

Does my login from the old website still work on the new website?

No, you will need to sign up for a new account. To do this, click the 'CREATE AN ACCOUNT' link in the upper right hand corner of the page. You will need to select an event to create the account. You do not need to register for the event, just have it selected.

When you are creating a new account, select 'Individual/Family'. Unit accounts have already been created and the logins were emailed to the unit leader (Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Crew Adviser, etc.) and Committee Chair.

When should I use my Unit account and when should I use my Individual/Family account?

You should use your Unit account for any program that advancements are being tracked or the unit is camping together. These are events such as Boy Scout Resident Camp, Webelos Resident Camp, Cub Resident Camp, and Merit Badge University. This allows you or future unit leaders to log in at any time after the event to retrieve attendance and advancement reports as well as (for Boy Scouts) print off Merit Badge Blue Cards.

You should use your Individual/Family account to sign up for events where the unit is not camping together or there are no advancements to track. These are events such as banquets, OA events, trainings, and day camps.

I don't have my unit's login information, can I just create a new unit account?

Unit accounts for all levels of the program have been imported from the ScoutNET database. This pre-populates your roster with the information in our membership database. Information from the ScoutNET membership database will be updated quarterly. If you create a new unit account, it will not get these updates.

I did not get an email with my unit login information and I am a unit leader or Committee Chair. How do I get this information?

Send an email to webmaster@overlandtrailscouncil to request the unit login be resent.

I am not seeing all of the classes that should be available. Where are they?

A commonly missed step in the registration process is 2: Choose Participant Type. This is where you select the type of participant for the event.

How do I add or change classes, t-shirts, or cots to a registration after I initially sign everyone up?

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the website. If you are not, click LOGIN at the upper right corner of the page. If you are logged in, click REGISTRATION at the upper right corner of the page.
  2. When you are on the "Home" page of the registration module, make sure that you have the event you would like to make changes to.
  3. Click on the Event Registration button.
  4. Select the person you would like to make class changes or add a t-shirt or cot rental to.
  5. If you are adding a t-shirt, select their shirt size on the Profile tab.
  6. Click on the Classes tab.
  7. Make your selections (the classes/options that are available are listed at the right, and the selected classes/options are listed at the left).
  8. When you are finished, click Save and add the transaction to the cart.
  9. You will have to check out to finalize the transaction.