Who are Commissioners?

The commissioner service is as old as Scouting.  In fact, the professional service grew out of the commissioner service.  The service is made up of the Unit Commissioner, the District Commissioner, the Council Commissioner and the Round Table Commissioners.

The whole purpose of the commissioner service is to help unit leaders obtain the resources they need to bring the best possible Scouting program to their members.  This involves first identifying the units needs and then coordinating the resources to meet those needs.

Identification of the unit’s needs is done by the Unit Commissioner in partnership with the unit’s key three—the unit leader, the unit committee chairman and the chartered organization representative.  Simple examinations are usually done monthly, while detailed examinations are usually a couple times a year.

When an area need is identified, such membership, fund development or camping, the Unit Commissioner will contact the District committee specialists to bring the resources needed to the unit.  Commissioners serve all Packs, Troops, Crews, Teams and Posts.

If your unit is not being served by a commissioner, your District Commissioner needs to know!